632 Highway 34, Grace, Idaho 83241

Gibbs Farms all started when a young Jack Gibbs had a desire to start farming in the Grace, Idaho valley. Jack was a hard working…

Gibbs Farms currently raises seven different potato varieties.  We have always been willing to try a potato variety that our customer base can use.  The Gibbs’ are true believers in only growing a product that you have a market for. Virtually, all of the potatoes we produce…

Gibbs Potato Shack is where you can get your True Idaho Potatoes. Located on the Niter Corner.

OPEN! Now - Oct 7th, 9am-7 pm.

The Gibbs having been suppling America with True Idaho Potatoes for over 75 years. Located in Southern Idaho in the Grace and Niter Area, Gibbs contribute to the development and care for the future of Idaho farming. They  know that with out farmers, the world would starve.